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Last night Jen told me to go to a place in Chicago, a salsa and bachata night. And I was like yeah, why not? Let’s promote some Kizomba. As soon as I walk into the party, that what my boy’s party, Andreas Meneses the boy I was telling you about who brought me to Chicago for the first time! Maaaaaaaaaaan, we hug each other for 5 minutes, we partied all night, we had so many drinks I danced my salsa and bachata, oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. I met my boys from Chicago, I’m already in the local scene, nindjas, I’m already in the local scene. Man I felt like a Japanese manga cartoon, my eyes opened so big when I walked into that motherfucker. Man, and the sisters were so beautiful. It reminded me of that move, Love Jones. Yeah Nia Long and that dope brother, the motorcycle and they had that love triangle situation? Yeah, that movie. Love Jones. And I also met some very important people, people that helped pave the way of Kizomba here in Chicago. And yeah, those are not the names you hear all the time on the internet. Low shots fired. Great stuff is happening. We got so tired to the point that I fell asleep but Jen is still sleeping too. And guess what did I do with Katalina, when Jen wake up she’s gonna be sooooo mad. Don’t sleep next to #drkizomba because your ass is gonna be on camera. The promoter from Tunisia, Slim, can tell ya! Whats up, Slim?

Tonight we going out again. I think another salsa and bachata or maybe a little bit of kizomba. Its Friday. I will leave you with this last quote. This from my Facebook regular page. “Lord please expose the fakes so I can unfriend them from my Facebook. I need to sleep in peace.”

And if you read until now my people, let’s go back to the 3 dots (…).

#chicago | #day2 | #trolling

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