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Ooooh Jen is gonna kill us with all this much food. And little Katalina keeps on entertaining! She’s the life of the party. Yes my people it’s your boyfriend unapologetic motherfucker Dr Kizomba arriving in Chicago and I’m in the mansion right now. Katalina is doing all the job and Flavie is so happy to play with her, they are best friends. But she got me watching Boss Baby. I can’t wait to start the party because this baby is gonna make us do whatever she want to do right now. Oh I almost forgot. Go to my Snapchat drkizomba and you will see her do the ABCD thing. She only stumbling a little on the X but for the rest she’s pretty good.

If you guys don’t know, that’s Jen’s youngest daughter. Last year she already made her introduction and this year we just kept with the same flow.

Chicago, we here. People don’t forget to purchase your tickets for this weekender, at the door we gonna boost it up a little bit more. But tonight we gonna go to a Latin night, I guess it’s like the available con Gusto of Chicago. I’m gonna see you guys all tonight.

I’m gonna keep this post short. See you soon guys, kudos.

Listening to Raphael Saadiq

#chicago | #weekender | #katalina
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