Trinidad | Hard Way | Fake Friends Be Like

🎟 Like “Derez De’Shon” I ain’t asked your niggas for nothing I took the Hardway, make sure you get this track is fire. Your Dr is on the way to Trinidad happy as fuck, but my readers youralready know that I stayed quite for a while right ???!!! Now I got some hours on my hand, y’all gonna get in first hand wagon with mi Vida.

🎟 Surroundings is a bitch Gang Gang. Make sure you have folks around you that don’t have a personal agenda. Why would your Dr. say this? well well well boosting egos is a bitch, especially when you know that people have problems with themselves and you trying to make them be part of a normal clan.

🎟 Now that’s the time where y’all expect me to be savage and go off, no need for that because I just told you that agenda friends type of shittttt don’t mix with your business, simply because they have personal friends to brag that they your friends and everything they doing for you… So others can accept them only if they relieve information about how Dr put his juice together shhhhhhhh… That’s not all! Then they realize what the others are doing by opening the doors for information that they never gonna get because your Dr keeps limited information about my a-bouts.

🎟 Beware of your surroundings gang gang, the pain of mistrust is than painful niggas have personal agenda that’s why I love my gang Kizomba Canada + Dsantos Dance, real family we got that empire tv show shiiiit going on. I so know randomness way of dropping a message, it meant a lot to me that this shit the right way and apply to your own life …

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