Day 36 | Sembarific

Whappening Mi Gente? I’m going to Biggz Barber right now, feeling really good, gonna look even better after my bro is finished with my face 👹. My nose still hurts from my nose piercing on Saturday, but not as much. Crazy kind of pain, it goes straight from my nose to my eye. But it was worth it #stylin.

Montreal so far has been an amazing city. Still happy to be back with my people, my city, my school and my projects – #workworkworkworkwork

Today is Tuesday. Tuesday is Semba Explosion 💥 day. Beginner @6:30pm 💥. Intermediate @7:30pm💥💥. Advanced @8:30pm💥💥💥. You know where your doctor is, don’t like you don’t know that your boy is burning up the dance floor at Espace Des Arts. So if you guys are missing your doctor, better come to semba at Kizomba Canada and get your Dr K dose for the day.💣

Also, Mi Gente – don’t forget to get your Gindungo passes and your Gindungo tshirts, #represent. Passes are only $100 right now – just call me Santa Kizomba Claus🎅, spreading Gindungo cheer for almost free. And after you get your Gindungo pass, make sure you register for Dr Kizomba online classes That website is popping, I have ppl sending me messages all over Asia, and you guys not taking advantage! My ppl! Don’t be missing out. Sign up, practice all my moves before Gindungo, and watch as this festival is a combustion of spicy hotness. 🔥🔥

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First published on Facebook on September 5th, 2017.

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