Day 31 | In Shape, Almost

Mi Gente, I’ll admit. Life was good when #stuckinlisbon. So good that your boy came back to Canada weighing a LITTLE bit over 200lbs #detailsarenotimportant. All those giant chubby shrimp 🍤 in your boy’s belly. Well, I woke up today, and got on the scale and I am 194.8lbs #detailsareveryimportant. Boom! 💣No other exercise being done while #stuckinCanada except for Afro-fitness, #semba and #kizomba, all day every day.

Mi Gente, you know the pain that happens the first time you go back to the gym after stopping for 2 years? That first workout feels great, you are lifting the same weights as before, same routine, everything is good, and then you wake up the next day and you can’t move your body and you might die? 💀Well, your doctor never felt that until this week. THREE hours of kuduro on Monday: last casting for Afro-fitness + Kuduro for kids @7pm + Kuduro for adults @8pm. THREE hours is a lot of hours, maybe too many. Those #kuduro classes were killing me, but killing me good because I was really into it. Today was the first day I woke up feeling not sore at all, after having an amazing kizomba class yesterday. Finally! The muscle is reacting great.💪

Gotta give a shout out for my privates and my students that keep me busy. This week was crazy. Your doctor had people coming from Miami to take some privates. Your doctor had people from St-Lucia to take some privates. And of course, your doctor had his regular clients from Montreal to take some privates. They missed me, and I missed them.👊

Your boy is enjoying checking out new dance spots and rediscovering the dance scene in Montreal. Gonna be a busy weekend! See you on the dance floor Mi Gente, and of course, in class next week.

#stuckincanada | #day31 | #NOTouttashapenoway

First published on Facebook on August 31st, 2017.

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