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Oh my god. I arrived! Completed 3 days without Facebook whatsoever. Caribbean island was off the chain, Curaçao oh my god, what a beautiful place. I didn’t like the mosquitoes tho! They didn’t fucking discriminate, they were biting the shit outta me. One night I walked inside the room after hanging outside with some folks and I look at Flavie and Flavie asked me, “yo man, who beat you up?” I was like, beat me up?! And then I touched my forehead and there was a big fucking pregnant looking bite on my face like that Will Smith movie when he ate food he was allergic to and then he looked in the mirror and screamed? That’s exactly what I looked like. Oh my fucking god. These motherfucking mosquitoes didn’t fucking care and that’s when I realized we have it good in Canada, because without those fucking mosquitoes that island would be perfect. But then, other than the mosquitoes everything was ok. Oh! Let me tell you. I almost forgot, aside the electricity going off, that’s when I really appreciated having a portable charger with me, the performances were amazing. I gotta give it up for my brother Taiti and Crystal for organizing this event. We had the opportunity to laugh, jump, scream with people from Tampa, Florida. Tatu and his crew, just amazing people. Oh my god, the people from Curaçao, everybody , everybody, I had a blast with everybody. That was the most fun and hilarious entertainment because I didn’t have to not be myself. I was myself 💯. I mean cracking serious fucking joke, putting people on the floor, even with people that I just met, without anyone getting fucking upset or mad or taking it fucking personally like these motherfuckers from this side of the world do. People were extremely nice and genuine and joked back. It felt like I never left Kizomba Canada. With all that said, I thought that this event ran as smooth as could be possible. The organizers were super nice, super worried about their clients, in check with everything. It was something nice to see.

Now I am back in Montreal. The sun is out. Already got my Yeh coffee and walking on St-Catherine. First time I am drinking coffee since this weekend. Thinking about the Dr. Kizomba show today. If I have enough time imma pass the barber to freshen up my face and get ready for the show today. You guys already know the topic: Do white girls have more exposure or recognition than black girls in the kizomba scene? If so, why?

Stayed tuned for the show my people, because I am serious. It’s gonna be on. So On, like you clicking the button. Click! On.

Update: oooooooh my people, did you catch the show??? That shit was on FIRE!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 The comments! The opinions! The shade! You already know, that’s the Dr. Kizomba SHOW!!!! 😂😂😂

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