Day 65 | Baila Con Gusto: 3 days to go

#soberdays | #day65 | #BailaConGusto3daystogo

Good day Mi Gente! Fell asleep in Mexico, woke up in Montreal. It’s your boy Dr. Kizomba, unapologetic motherfucker, back on track. It is Monday. It is day 65 of soberness, alcohol and smokes free. Survived the tequila sun temptation and Mexican and Cuban cigars. To be specific, Cohibas by the beach, while I was watching the sunset go down in the beautiful island of Puerto Vallarta. I decided to no longer be so specific on some of my posts for business reasons. But trust me, there’s a lot more that I want to say than what I am typing right now.

Montreal. Today the Dr. Kizomba team will switch up the game. Remember when I told you that fuck this Facebook thing, I gotta be a YouTube artist? Well, that day is today. We are in the studio right now, doing our first broadcast aka the weatherman! Dr. Kizomba will talk about weather and events currently happening in Montreal and events that Dr. Kizomba will be attending in the world. And if some promoter wants me to promote their event, all they gotta do is contact Dr. Kizomba and then we have a package waiting for them, with all the future information. The events are going to be live, of course, shared on Facebook and YouTube, live, with a little bit of #talkinshit twist. With a green screen like a professional YouTuber, but the difference that we have from these motherfuckers is that we don’t prepare shit in advance. We give you like ODB aka old dirty bastard. Oh baby I like it raw, yeah baby I like it raaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

Stay tuned in a few hours, you gonna see a Mexican nigga dropping you a little weatherman situation. Andale!

Gindungo 4 shirts just arrived today! Personal delivery. Don’t forget to get my shoes, Dr. Kizomba by Inbox me if you want some of that. They not that expensive, I promise. Thank you. Don’t forget the leggings, I have the duffle bag with me at the studio for the ladies that need the leggings. And for everyone that wants to do a private class with your boy Dr. Kizomba, this week I might stay in Montreal, but hey things can change after Baila Con Gusto on Thursday.

As for the #gangstaphysique, don’t think I forgot you my people. Today is back day. And then we gonna hit you with some kuduro. Kids at 7pm, Adults at 8pm.

Again, it’s your boy weatherman, broadcasting from the Europe of America aka Montreal.

#soberdays | #day65 | #BailaConGusto3daystogo

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