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This morning I woke up and because of work and procrastination I didn’t went to the barber and I didn’t went to twist my hair. For the ones that don’t know what twisting my hair means, yes, what you see on my head belongs to me. Or to be more specific, grew outta my head. Yes, it’s my real hair, mofuckers! And every other week, sometimes I do once a month, I have to go to Baby – that’s the name of my hairdresser, btw – so that she can twist and interlock or vice versa I don’t really know how the process go, I just know that it hurts as a motherfucker, and twist my dreads, so that they grow longer and longer and longer. Yeah. That was the whole process, ok? Now let me go back to how I was feeling this morning. Because I didn’t been to my hairdresser and barber in a long time, I was looking a little scruffy. So I dedicated my morning to go and do just that. Stop looking like old Marvin Gaye and start looking like young Marvin Gaye and this is the result motherfuckers! Hope you’re having a great day and I will see you when I see you.

Gindungo, it’s now basically, I’m so excited, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Go get your tickets, just go and get your tickets.

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