Baila Con Gusto Tonight

Good day Montreal. It’s your boy Dr. Kizomba, the unapologetic motherfucker. Ooof, I feel so relieved. The weather still raining, and congratulations to Laura for her graduation. My girl, is getting that big cheque. Another graduation to celebrate. Her mom just took a private, omg, we are making generations on top of generations dancing that beautiful kizomba dance. Kitaba last night was surprisingly amazing. Why? Because the students now are getting the memo of dancing with everybody and yesterday I hardly had a dance because all the girls on the dance floor were taken. My students are becoming little savages and doing what they supposed to be doing best, dancing with people. A lot of people is actually coming to Montreal so it’s getting easier to recognize folks, different nationalities. I actually just got a message from an Angolan girl that used to live in D.C. that just arrived in Montreal. She wants to go back to semba and kizomba. I mean, this is just amazing.

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Baila Con Gusto tonight, Manuel & Flavie are teaching. See you on the dance floor.


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