New Year Still Cold

Happy New Year Mi Gente! I’m wishing you love and health, more money, less bullshit. I’m gonna have to say that I’m starting 2018 no new year resolutions. Imma repeat 2017 with a smile on my face, maybe a little bit more change in my pocket and new friends well filtered.

Speaking on that topic: new friends, well filtered. This New Year celebration was very special. Starting with our 7 year anniversary gala on Dec 30th, I celebrated working with the same people that I’ve been working with for 7 years. And that includes my brother Pierre. This man has been Kizomba Canada’s bread and butter and soul, the guy that taught me how to make a flyer, the guy that told me what kind of camera to buy, the guy that enhanced Kizomba Canada’s image with all those posters you’ve been seeing these past 7 years. The kid that I met as a friend when I first came to Montreal and he was still at university. We invested in him, big time, and so did he, in us. A 7 year collaboration. Then, on Dec 31st it was great to finish the year by renting out an Airbnb and surrounding ourselves with people that we care about, with our loved ones. I did not know how funny Todd Rose until the 1st of 2018! Him, mixed with Ronyca, they just turned up the house. It was a comedy show. Lack of sleep, lots of laughs, long ass debate with Estelle who swung by, some people knocked out, some people didn’t knock out. Last man standing was myself, Todd and Estelle I think. Flavie cheated bc she slept and then showed up like she didn’t sleep, looking all fresh.

I just posted my last epic snowfall of 2017. That was my goodbye. My friends are having fun laughing at me, oh well. When you think everything is good, you think you finishing the year with a boom… remember 2017!

I also have my brother asking me to go back and do the talking shit live video on facebook. I will do that, all I need you guys to do, is to email me some content, we start some debate and Imma give my personal two cents on the situation.

For today, man, this snow. Can you believe that in Mtl at this time it is minus 19c, snow showers, chance of rain, 70%, high of minus 14c. Heh!!! Nah nah nah nah nah. I love my city but whatever motherfucker that is playing with this meteorology shit?! Go fuck yourself.

Ok my people, thank you so much, don’t forget we got the melting pot of Kitaba tomorrow, we have the free class @8:30pm as well as the social. Remember, we have to reach the 120 mark to add another hour of dancing. If we do not hit the 120 mark, we cannot add another hour of dancing goodness. Come on my people, let’s do this!

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