Dr. Kizomba Live!™ – Episode 4 – 2018-01-03

Every Wednesday 8:30 pm ET, you can watch and take a FREE Kizomba class with Dr. Kizomba. Shot LIVE from Espaces des Arts studios in Montreal.

If you wanna take the full “Beginner to Advanced” classes we have a special discount until Dec. 31: 2 for 1 on the “Beginner to Advanced” package. More info: https://www.drkizomba.com/santa

Dr. Kizomba Official website: https://www.drkizomba.com
Join Dr. Kizomba’s VIP Club: https://www.drkizomba.com/the-vip-club/
Learn Kizomba from the start: https://www.drkizomba.com/start

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