Dr. Kizomba Live!™ – Episode 1 – 2017-12-13

Tonight we have a gift specifically for the people that don’t live in Montreal. For my people living in the surrounding area of Mtl, in the Canada area, USA area, Europe area, Africa, India, and Asia areas, I got you.

For the first time: Dr. Kizomba Live!™!

That’s right. Every single Wednesday, you guys can watch and take a FREE kizomba class with Dr. Kizomba. We gonna have a camera moving around the instructors so that you can follow the class as if you were physically present.

If you wanna take the full “Beginner to Advanced” classes we have a special discount until Dec. 31: 2 for 1 on the “Beginner to Advanced” package. More info: https://www.drkizomba.com

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