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Good day Mi Gente it’s your boy Dr. Kizomba aka your unapologetic motherfucker doing the damn thing throwing them things. Today I’m gonna start with a private class around 7 o’clock at the studio, but I was really bumming all day dealing with the situations that I cannot really tell you right now, pending the process of the situation. But you know, other than that, everything is where it’s supposed to be. Thank you so much for reading my posts Gang Gang and you definitely inspired me to write more. The love, the love, the looooooooooove! It’s in the air.
Right now I am in Cincinnati with my brother Douglas Lee Ortiz and like I told you this amazing couple Alyenendrov and Maria and imma gonna post their video on my Instagram very soon. You know when I post an American couple doing their thing, you know its going to be lit. And guys let me remind you, let me remind you that you have to work out from birth to pull off this man’s moves, okay?
Today, officially we are 22 days away from Gindungo. It’s getting scary my people. It’s getting scary. I’m have militaries coming from North Carolina, I have a group of people coming from Ghana. We beat up last year’s sales, the way it should. The capacity of our venue is 550. I wanna break those numbers. I wanna do the impossible. It would be very nice if we can get to these numbers. I know that its hard, but I know that me and the team work very hard for one entire year specially that Kitaba social., oh boy, oh boy! Enough with that promotion shit man, just come to Gindungo man. Energy wise would be the… you know my energy, right?! Now imaging hundreds of niggas just like me, waiting for you. Ooooooooh? You think that’s impossible. Now, let me tell you one thing. If you watch my live videos, you gonna find out that me and my students have an amazing relationship. Not great relationship, AMAZING relationship, like father and son. Come to my city, because I’m the mayor. Montreal belongs to ME. Yes, I said so. And they know about it too. Everybody know about it shit. The capital of kizomba in the whole North America. Yeah! Canada, USA, I dunno about Mexico because these motherfuckers are a lot down there and they love kizomba too down there, gotta give it to my Mexicans.
Now I am gonna go downstairs, get my drink on, hang out with my boy, take some pictures before we go to the party. And don’t worry, I will post this message with an outfit on my body. So give me some time so that I can take a shower and post this motherfucker.
Tonight Cincinnati, let’s do the damn thing!
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