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I woke up and I saw Douglas’ roommates. The guy has biceps that look like tennis balls. He was on World of dance and did very good! He is Alyenendrov Tsorokean and she is Maria. Tsorokean look like Ivan Drago that fucked up Apollo Creed… if he dies, he dies! That’s what this nigga looks like, if he put you in a choke hold, you done. Okay.

The day started great by waking up after a long nap. Me and the boys are getting a boys walking the club out. We are going to have some fun. Terri don’t want to join us, she drinking Modello beer by herself because she was tired from teaching all day long. I’m in Cincinnati I dont know wtf is going on in this motherfucker. So right after we do what we doing, I’ll have more to type. I’m loving the reaction of my readers because they are actually engaging with the posts and not only looking at the pictures. For a blogger that is the best thing you can ever do. If you got to this level, don’t forget the 3 dots… so that that way we know you not just looking at the picture, so comment below.

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