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Happy  Valentines. Yesterday I took Mango for a dance, what else were we going to do? We dance everyday but yeah I made extra special to dance with her and not giving 2 fucks about the dance floor, her happiness only. In between us, my readers it felt so good yes indeed with my devil smile.

Did not sleep because we had to catch our flight️ at 7am to LA for a winter break and of course the LA Bachata Festival that so kindly invites us every year so we can do what we love. I really like LA, man, specially the beach . I almost moved when Albert was alive but Montreal kept me very busy and I never did. Well, it’s never late, who knows. Kitaba last Wednesday was lit. Get this, we had a massive snow storm but a massive one. My gang gang, students and clients still came out to do what they do best, dance kizomba by the sounds of The Best at Kitaba.

Yes I was been a little petty and posted :

“Single People wishing Happy Valentines” #getout

Well Hey, You always take selfies and nobody, I mean nobody, is next to your ass ,your status still single, you only date, never commit to him or her. Well Hey, I move to Montreal almost 9 years ago, your ass still single, give people a break with your fake wishes by the way I wasn’t talking about a particular person. Well, hey.

To be Continued…

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