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Good morning Mi Gente! I hope this is not gonna be the last post of this year but before it go that way, let me just wish you… Just in case the lines are busy, just in case I’m drunk and busy, just in case you presume I forgot, I ensure you dear, I really have not. So Happy New Year right now from Miami, Florida to alllllllll these species in this universe. Yes, that include the worst species too, humans. I’m here sitting down waiting for my soup joumou and I’m gonna enter the year like a Haitian. Again, Ivo, thank you for this amazing experience, I know it’s not over year, we still have one more party to go. I know it’s the New Year, but I am tired as fuck man. We don’t have food because the chef is in Orlando. I opened the fridge 45 times to look at the same thing I knew was already there.

Now. we are thinking about these New Year’s resolutions process, and it’s like that. My friends. At this point, you and me know that I’m not like you, right? Now come on now, let’s be honest. I’m not like you. I’m waiting for the next big contract to contact me so I can start my TV show. I know I have my Dr. Kizomba show but we can go to a bigger platform with this shit. And it’s hard to get to a bigger platform having a motherfucking normal Facebook page. Too much access, man. You could never contact Michael Jackson like that back then. But now some of you guys have too much access to Michael Dos Santos. The numbers don’t add up. Our page is getting on 8K. And I have 2 personal Facebook profiles, both full with 5K friends. But I can barely manage 1 profile. But I am damn sure I can manage one page. You know that last time that someone got a fake profile to come and fuck with me and try destroy my character? That’s the problem of me tryna be low key when I am a big fish. OMG I sound so fucking cocky but you know I love to lick your brain, right, in some other level type of shit. Cerebral, brains. Yes, nigga. But we have all day to change my mind, I’ll keep on posting and as the drinks keep on going, maybe my mind will change. But let me tell you, all my friends and people that fuck with me, go like my page Dr. Kizomba, send me a message so we can start a communication because Mos Def and Talib kweli, if you have my IG, if you have my Snap Chat and you have my Whatsapp, nigga we on, we cool, for my niggas I talk to you every day. Now I am gonna do a bold move. I’m gonna get off this Facebook personal shit and just run with my Dr. Kizomba page. Follow my website, deal with me, my people, deal with me.

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