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Happy happy happy happy new year. This is the first post that we doing in 2019 for our blog so let’s start this year on a great note and making sure that everybody can be able to access my posts and have a beautiful laugh and understand the concept of the writing behind. I am currently at Miami International Airport flying back to the snow, leaving the amazing weather, and I just heard that its freezing rain waiting for me in Montreal, Canada. Now that is messed up, homies, you know what I’m talking about. That is freaking messed up. But I cannot complain because I have enjoyed 5 days of beautiful weather, 5 days of amazing dances of reconnecting and getting to know new people, and 5 days of finally getting to know local Miami dancers that are very inspirational and have a lot to learn about the kizomba as music, dance, art and culture. But any way I gotta give it up to my boy Ivo Viera for organizing the Miami Dance Festival. I had the opportunity to hang out and get to know Sarah Lopez in a chill and regular environment so therefore I think you should get to know to get her too, she is pretty cool, intelligent, smart and she know her numbers really good. And why not? She’s a legend. And also a lot of things happened at the festival. I got to know great artists and great people. Zouk dancers and artists that I’m thinking I need to get to know really go since I’m going to Brazil, would be nice to get to know these people. Just things like that.
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