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Continuing the Border Patrol Drama. One African + one Latino crossing Windsor to Detroit. The agent look at us very wrong and asked to check the ride. We looked at each other and realized that the same history happened few months ago…

We like okay  let’s do this. Inside the agent straight up ask us if he could do a FBI. Ma black ass was like F . B . I? Shiiiiit what that fuck that supposed to mean, this sounds weird. Lee was like chill. I was chill nigga?! CIA, FBI, all these names, well ok am going to chill, but “Mr Officer when I was young there was a ….” Lee was like “Chilllll”!!! Okay okay I’ll chill. Then Mr Officer Red Face looks at Lee and was like Mr Ortiz we have a problem. I was like, shhhhhhitttt Lee what u did nigga? The Babylon or agent said EXPIRED PARKING TICKET. I was like fuck that, how much, we can pay, who cares? How much is it? 3-something, close to 4 bills. I was like peanuts let’s pay this bill … My black ass was wrong. American laws actually go according your last name, not really the colour of your skin or the colour of your eyes. That nigga Lee is white as fuck and blue eyes. I was like shiiiit what’s the problem here, really? While Lee was quiet hmm. Then the agent came with talks like we gonna have to arrest you !

Whaaaaaaaaaaat????!! Nigga, for a parking ticket, that’s insane! Nah nah, they joking right? Few seconds after came 2 officers with blue gloves and shit and called Lee. My face was like noooo, what’s going on here? I don’t understand!

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