Detroit | Petty Dance Squad | Snow-storm

Woah woah woah what a motherfucking event. I gotta give it up to Douglas and Terry for putting together this amazing event and rataytaytay rataytaytay! Now, here’s the catch. This event was the shit. I’m talking about the Why? Reconnected with my petty friends, met some new petty friends, hang out with more people. I was able to get into the hood, the real hood. Ratchet shit, the type of shit that I love. Meet some real D12 Detroit people, the real ones, not the fake ones, the real ones. See? I still have petty in my voice. But more important, it was a family event, salsa bachata and kizomba and we putting the culture together by any means necessary. With the help of amazing people and amazing students, bailante como une elefante y no hay nada qui nos alcanse.
I really have a lot to say but I am gonna start by giving you a review of everything that happened on the weekend as I am travelling. Because I gotta start with Thursday at the airport, I was playing on a little baby car that stays on the airport so that the parents can go play with the babies when they wait for the airplane. Except there was no babies, just me and I got pictures to prove it. I asked some old motherfucker to take my picture riding that motherfucker. Beep beep! Then, as I landed in Windsor and Douglas Lee Ortiz came to pick me up, came the Border Patrol Situation. This shit just got REAL. Yes there were some blue gloves involved and some incarceration. Good cop bad cop investigation and this story is to be continued…
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