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Almost home. Ready for the cold, not really but I have no choice. It was amazing, yes it was. It was perfect. Yeah am talking about the event, gotta give a shout-out to my girl Inna Dançarina and my boy Edwin the Muscle Man, of course can’t forget my boy Glenio my favourite Carioca, thank you for inviting us, is always fun with y’all. Big up to George my Rasta brother for Mozambique Maningue nice you are the real MVP, making sure we got on time for classes or other stuff like making sure your doctor got the best tequila or cachaça, really thankful. Ooopppsss not forgetting to mention Sara Richardson, uffff girl always a pleasure seeing you and thank you for making sure I woke up, the real goat 🐐.

On the other note 📝 love when I see instructors like me, free spirit, crazy and rolling with the punches. My boys were there, if you look at the photo yassssss every time you see us, that’s what we do, parrrrtyyyy and crack the fuck up with mad jokes, only good vibes, energy only time to enjoy, no time for bullshit. That’s the way I like it ahnn ahnn.

By now y’all probably saw my Flamingo video. It’s going fire on Facebook. Hahahahahaha people is dying, laughing, omg, it’s just cray cray. If you did not see I recommend you it’s a must, well this lady came while Casanova was on his Flamingo mood songs, she ask me do you Flamingo I was like well I don’t know what you asking me, but hey my manners would not let me say no to a lady. So I was like suuuuuuureeee. All my Boston gang was like ohh ohh! Yeah, my girl Ash recorded some of the action and that’s that. Go look or check my stories here ufff it’s a good laugh.

Yay, almost home sweet home. Yay…

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