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Mi Gente. Just touched down in this motherfucker. When I say motherfucker, I mean my city, aka Montreal #dontgotoEuropecometoMtl. I really gotta talk to you guys about this last weekend in California, aka LA Summer Bachata Fedtival. I wanna thank Jorge Contreras and Leslie Ferrera for being true to Dr. Kizomba for many many years and never whatsoever making me feel uncomfortable, always real. Good friends even though my nigga Jorge love to give me tough love, but he always does for the better and the good. I appreciate my brother. Not only that, but the entire organizing team was spectacular. On behalf of myself and Flavie and the team, we thank you guys and congratulate you and give you the trophy of awesomeness.

Well, well, well it was nice to see my boy Ivo, my boy Enah, my DJ Guelas, and many more motherfuckers that I missed for so long. I mean, we partied. We paaaaartied. We celebrate. It was nothing by love, man 😍😂. Dinner with kings👑, only the strongest survive type of thing. Talking about our accomplishments and how far we’ve come along. It just became very refreshing to see that my brothers are doing good and to be happy for them in a genuine way. But don’t forget: we paaaaaaaartied. Like a motherfucker. I’m telling you. It was like something from another world.👽

The workshops! The workshops, omg. I think I became funnier. My Dr Kizomba laugh as I am telling you this. I think I became funnier because the people were dying, crying, groaning with laughter and joy. They still were able to learn and understand the art of Kizomba. Of course I have them the good juice. Of course I told them that ginga is the force. Yes, we talking about Star Wars. Without ginga they are nobody. Start implementing that from the get go. They simply loved it, enjoyed it, appreciated it. The way they talked about it to me moved me a little bit. My girls from Kazakhstan, they way they talked to me and Flavie, I maybe felt a little something in my eye😢. But no drips, ok my people, no drips.

Thank you so much for this amazing weekend. Like a good promoter, we gonna be back in the summer and in February and in the summer and in February and I think we just gonna make this shit a lifetime contract because there is no better place to be. Listening to Tupac, live and die in LA. My people, imma see you real soon! 😉

Montreal. Book your privates. Subscribe online on beginner to advanced classes. If you already completed those and you wanna accept another challenge, we have the dr Kizomba 100 moves in store ( you can bring your Kizomba to the max. But if you in the same city as your boy, don’t forget to book your privates.

Tomorrow 3pm. Dr Kizomba show. Let’s go back to basics.

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First appeared on facebook on Monday August 13, 2018.

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