Day 46 | Calgary: 2 days to go

Good afternoon Mi Gente. I couldn’t send you the usual noontime post because we were putting my home office together. Listening to Ndoto by Bela Chicola and of course promoting the Spring Bling 2 and the Kitaba social for tonight. If you have the chance, check out the Gindungo page because I spent all night uploading some of the videos from the workshops that the artists did at Gindungo 3.
Yes, it’s day 46 of soberness alcohol and smokes free. As I was setting up the home office, I was going through some great books that I need to reread and definitely I had forgotten one of my greatest hobbies. Reading. Not from the computer, not from the audio books, but smelling the old pages of paper, skipping each one of them, licking the finger with saliva when the pages get sticky so that can you can reach the next page. Laughing by yourself wherever you are because of how intriguing the book is, picturing the words in your head depending on how great the author is. Reading that great book, the collection of poems by the one and only Langston Hughes. If you don’t know him is a titanic figure in the 20th American century literature. A power interpreter of the American experience. His poems are as vital as ever – Philadelphia Inquiry. Vintage classic. For all my readers that understand that, they know what I am talking about. Reading that old good book, the 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathanial Branden. Ooof! Lord Jesus. Going back to Canada, All about Law, great book, shit that people need to know. Skipping to Live Rich, Die Broke by Stephen M. Pollan. Going back to my latin vibes, Tito Puente, When the Drums are Dreaming. Ooof! This was a book given to me by the one and only, one of a kind, Mr. Albert Torres. Finishing with the 48 Hours of Power. That one will never leave my house. Yes, my people, that is one side of Dr Kizomba that you might not know. I am a good reader and I love to read. To pass the time and to water my brain like water to plants.
Sipping a carrot juice on the side, let’s go back to business. I’m gonna leave you like this, because I gotta go back to the promotion, while I am sitting on my new chair so that that way that shit don’t give me back problems in the future. From my bedroom to the office. 2 steps! For all my people that work from home, you know how it feels. Kudos!
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