Woke up in Miami | 3 Musketeers | Grocery Store

Good morning. I dunno what time it is right now but I right now woke next to a big nigga and surprisingly he wasn’t snoring. Yesterday we met Ivo, we ended up going to the club and then the fuckery was we were planning on going to Mangos but they took us to Bananas. The club was so turn up last night I end up having a rasta giving me weed in the middle of the fucking club and I didn’t understand why? I mean he just gave it to me, I dunno if he wanted me to roll it and smoke it on the spot? I know I am not in Canada and that shit isn’t legal here. We were with Ivo and a couple girls and living our best life, ain’t going back and forth with you niggas. After that we went to, I don’t even remember where we went! And then I woke up next to my brother. What a night! Already in Miami for less than 24 hours and causing trouble already. What a night.

Now we eating at the grocery store but the food looks so good. First Dave didn’t wanna eat, he needs his restaurant, he needs his table, Dave is the divo out of the team. He needs his fork and knife, he needs to live his life. Kurt is the jungle brother, the bush killer from Jamaica, because he is big and he likes to explode pigs. Don’t ask me details about that because I am not ready to tell that story. So we are at the back of the beautiful grocery store having the best dinner ever, no restaurant could serve us like this. And for 7$. Imma take a picture of my fish right now so y’all can hate. I’m living my best life, ain’t going back and forth with you niggas.

Current situation right now. The 3 of us in this grocery restaurant. Eating right here and having the best time of our lives.

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