Day 5 | Bye San Francisco

Currently on the plane ️ I guess that’s the story of my life. Engels is the real MVP, his first congress already a banger, that’s unreal. So much people, to the point of me being lost in the salsa room by the sounds of this lady Japanese DJ that murdered the dance floor. I couldn’t leave, I just couldn’t. My brother James saw me killing that mambo and told me, “I didn’t saw you dance salsa for like 5 years, Dos u still got it lil brother.” We both looked at each other then he realized real quick why: Albert Torres, my second daddy that passed the way. I had to go to a corner and share some tears  for my fallen Mentor. I really miss Albert Torres, his graspie voice, his advice & mentorship and Gangster, just Gangster. I can’t even say life goes on because it’s not the same.

Engels and I having breakfast. Well he was, I was on my soup. Sober days, remember? Engels ask me as well, Manuel I need you to do a Solo Salsa next year. Ohhhh god, I was like ok, as soon as I get home, I’ll open my mambo files and bring a banger for y’all. I really missed my salsa big time, I really miss my students, as well on the background listening to Matias Damásio “ Meu amor  abre aporta aqui fora está frio lágrima e rio inspiração não veio coração ❣ dói “. Yeah, emotionally deeply involved.

Misha told me something. She was like, “I like the sober Manuel, he is so clever”. I was like damn there is another Manuel, I guess so. Day 6 of sobering feels like I didn’t stop drinking yet because of the amount that I consumed in the last weeks. Detox time … let me refresh myself so I can sharpen my skills and lead my gang to Greatness.

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