Day 4 | San Francisco SBK 2018

Wooooow. San Francisco Salsa Bachata Kizomba Congress is da bomb. I don’t believe that this is their first year. I don’t know what’s going on but there is a lot of people right here. Yesterday before I got on stage, I had a shock. A big time shock. Because as soon as I walk in that motherfucker there was gazillions and millions mini people in front of me. There was so much people that they looked mini. And I was sober on top of that. Do you understand how much energy I had in my eye pupils to give away to all these people? I think that we delivered what we could. People were really pleased because of the way they were reacting. So Yasss bitch yasss!

Well, now today we already did 2 workshops yesterday. Amazing to see the people reaction especially when they learning that nice kizomba, eh? That kizombada, that real McCoy. Yeahhh, they were pleased. And the kizomba room was PACKED. People came to me and told me they never saw a kizomba room that packed here in San Francisco, whaaaaaaaat! I gotta give it up Kizombae because this girl has worked hard to put this community together and I am gonna tell you one thing, she oversucceeded. Well next year, I already got the contract for San Francisco locked and signed. I think I’m gonna lose another big contract but hey, business is business.

I’m gonna write you guys a little more often but right now I’m gonna leave you guys with the hair move. Long hair don’t care, bitches. And Tyler from Dsantos Dance CA just offered me a flamingo, I’m gonna be flossing my flamingo everywhere I go. Now it’s a blanket and a flamingo. That is my outfit, call it as it is. I am the nigga that changed the name of an entire parody.

See you soon bitches, keep on reading. Remember reading is important. And stay tuned, for our first Dr. Kizomba book #StuckInLisbon. Its gonna come out sometime next year.

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