Curaçao: day 1

Good morning from Curaçao. I’m sorry for the Dr. Kizomba crowd. Yesterday we couldn’t do a live because we were miles away from Canada. I know you guys love your live classes on Wednesday, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible because myself and Flavie are currently in the islands of Curaçao.

With that said, Thursday. Curadise Dance Experience. Amazing weather going on. We just experienced the electricity going off at the hotel which is ok, it’s not a biggie because we don’t even keep the air conditioning on in the rooms the heat is something amazing that we are experiencing or the hot water, because the water comes out of the pipes naturally warm. So far so good on the 2nd day. The island is amazing, beautiful and clean, and the people warm as hell.

Roasting time. I think I’m gonna change my name to Mr. Trend-Setter. Because I see everybody now talking about Taxi Dancers after watching the Dr. Kizomba show. Listen, Mi Gente. I’m not in this game to pet your heads and tell you good job when you fucking it up. I’m in this game longer than most and my I-don’t-give-a-fuck level is higher than average. But my truthful game is 100% real. So. With that said. You don’t get to get a free pass and go to events for free because of a label or a name. Do the time, do the job, let your skills speak for themselves and then maybe, maybe you can be part of the clan of the big dogs. Real talk. And all you little puppy and puppyrettes that disagree with me, I never expected you do so in the first place, but know one thing: freebies at the end of the day cost very expensive. Keep that in mind. As I go and say, wow Curaçao is a beautiful and amazing island. The sun, the weather, the beaches, the palm trees. Coconuts! Picture 2 cocos and nuts. Now break them, and the water in between, close your eyes and think about the island. Open your eyes and go back to reality.

See you Tuesday at the next Dr. Kizomba show topic that is already getting fire on Facebook: Do white girls have more exposure or recognition than black girls in the kizomba scene? If so, why?


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