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Last night after Kitaba, I had to go twist my hair and add some colour at my hairdresser aka Nelly Baby. We watched Empire until 5am to let that pinkie reddish sit on this mother’s flickering. Pink red, gotta let the colour sit down, so that color can stick. Am telling you was freezing like a moffo. MONTRÉAL was like -11 + the wind easy -18, thank god for Uber. Mango Flavie + Karl and Mwangole just finished the new costumes for the new show in Toronto next week, yassss. Got home all burned up, called another Uber for YUL if you don’t know that’s Montreal Airport to make it to my San Francisco flight ️ at 8am and crossed my favourite border the USA.

The border well well well agent Smith was really dope he saw my swag + Mango Flavie, he taught I was Eddy Murphy on Welcome to America. Yasssss, my Blanket still with me, shiiiiiiiit. He just asked where off now with a smile . I was like San Francisco, he was like I hate you. There was nothing but love on his voice. I looked at Flavie, I was like the Agent recognized me. She was like Red Hair Walking with a Cheetah Blanket Shabba Ranks Looking Colour, well there are not a lot like u, you know and I was like Yeahhhhhhhh…

Yesterday, my Flamingo friends almost had an heart attack when I told them let’s Talk About Flamingos was going to be the topic of my show, my inbox was getting lit . Then I got a private. I was like in between talking shit about y’all naw nigga I’ll make some cash. My students miss me a lot so I had to give them some attention real rasta. Currently on the flight with that wifi, listening to Takeoff Casper.

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