Day 21 | Every Day I’m Hustling

What’s good Mi Gente!

Your doctor might be stuck alone in Lisbon but that doesn’t stop your boy from kicking ass.

Yesterday: TV interview | RTP África | Program | Bem Vindos | I killed it, talking about kizomba and who I am, what I do, my franchises – broadcast next week on June 29. #celebritylife

Today: shout-out to my girl June Svetlovsky from Kizomba Canada. She took time off during a business trip to go to the Canadian Consulate in Paris which deals with all the EU immigration cases for lost souls like your boy Dr Kizomba. She pulled some girly shit, crying and arguing, and got your doctor’s case escalated as a priority. She’s gonna visit their offices everyday until this shit’s figured out. Sucks for Immigration Canada – they don’t stand a chance against June. #onestepcloser

Up next: your boy is a hustler. If I can’t travel the world, imma change the level of kizomba in this city! Stay tuned, more news soon.

That’s it for today my ppl. I’ll keep hustling, you keep supporting. Wepa!

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First published on Facebook on June 21st, 2017.

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