Kitaba Social | Bye Montreal | North Carolina

Sup Gang Gang it’s your traveling blogger Dr. Kizomba aka the unapologetic mofo. Before I even start talking about anything let me tell you about Kitaba last night! Ohh Lord, the ladies where hiding, too much dancing, the guys applying fire technique mixed with smoothness, a harmonic dance floor,smiling genuinely ufff. I can keep going on and on, by now you got the picture. The students are ready understanding the importance of ginga and loving what more can a instructor ask? Dr Kizomba Free Class is looking cray cray, over 80 close to 100 people shiiiiiit this nigga is having more people than niggas workshops in Congress in his own city on a Wednesday. That’s just me talking shit about myself, sparing your job.

Now here we are back again to this plane shit that we love it so much, Dr Kizomba + Mango Flavie are going to North Carolina to celebrate Haley 2nd Year Anniversary. That’s Dsantos Dance NC hahahahahaha already 2 years!! Wow time flies for people who worked hard, yes it will be a wrap and I’ll take time to keep you informed, okay Gang Gang? I’ll make this post short and sweet…

I’m guessing I didn’t had to wait so long for someone to already piss me off. We at Burlington Vermont airport, right? That is only like 4 people, it’s such a small airport. This woman, you know what I want to call her, was working at the customs, she look at my passport like the name is not matching or whatever excuse she had to stop a nigga. I kept my cool but America am not fucking. Your discriminating tactics are not okay, k? Anyway the bartender made my day with a Heineken Tequila vibe and a USA Burger. @ Burlington International Airport – BTV

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