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Ooooff Jesus. Craziest thing in the world, Mi Gente. Remember the story about the Spider-Man phone? Can you believe? Someone stole my Spider-Man phone! Your boy Dr. Kizomba was planning on going to the Apple store and fixing my screen but the thief didn’t even allow me to do that. They stole my Spider-Man phone. No gang, I’m not upset. Neither disappointed. Because again my angel of the hater-protection always got my back. And right now, I’m already taking selfies, stunning on my new iPhone. Well, I guess the thief even inspired me to go to the barber and get a clean cut for these pictures.

Lately, I been working so careless. Meaning before I go to sleep and before I wake up I would already have a private scheduled. Sometimes, I didn’t even have time to put cream after taking a shower 🚿 !! Now do you know how awful is that? Especially when you black?? We call that ashy. Ashy skin when you don’t put that good cream after shower you looking like you turning white, like a ghost. And if I am not putting on that cream you know I am not going to the barber 😳. All kinds of hair coming out of my nose, face, moustache curling up my lips, and I would just put my jogging pants on, my “I don’t care face”, my music on, and there you go. Lost under the influence of work. And now, look at this. I am on vacation, for one week. My dance school is gonna be one week on break. Mine, I don’t really mean mine, it’s ours, because Kizomba Canada belong to me and my gang. Even Dr. Kizomba, it belongs to me and my gang. I don’t own shit . Figuratively and speakingly. Damn.

Welcoming my brother Raj, all the way from Baltimore. This guy drove a motorcycle 🏍 all the way to Montreal. There’s still some crazy people in this world. I guess he is the last member of Hell’s Angels.

See, a loooot of stuff happened. Like how amazing our Kitaba is right now. Like did you guys check out my Tips videos? I am getting a lot of reactions from these motherfuckers. But because I put the pen down to focus on these other things, don’t get it twisted. The pen is coming back up🖌. With more stories of the past that I didn’t brought it up so far. On your daily post of course.

Moka social, here I come. Oops, got a private! 😂


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