Flashback: #stuckinlisbon

Good day Montreal!

Today is bedroom-boom weather. When it’s raining like that, it’s time to stay inside of the house and take care of business, meaning washing the dishes and cleaning and taking care of everything corporal some people call it physical. It’s your boy Dr. Kizomba, the unapologetic motherfucker, still waiting for that Drake response, because Pusha T ain’t no joke! That’s one thing, that nigga is petty AF! The type of dude I’d love to hang out with. Cuz it’s true, the humanity is getting way too sensitive these days. We need niggas like that in this society. Let the fake be exposed! As well I was listening to one of my favorite artists, his album just dropped, Mr. West. For all the music lovers out there, amazing. But Drake still gotta explain that black face because his explanation is not very… you know.

Today my people, getting my energy ready for kuduro. Kids at 7pm, adults at 8pm. Yesterday, gotta thank my Dsantos VT franchise for organizing an amazing Gindungo weekend. Love Vermont people, they are triple Cs: cool, calm and collect, with a little party twist in themselves. This week is gonna be bombastic. We got our DJ Do Marçal for Kitaba, we got kuduro today, semba tomorrow and kizomba on Wednesday. Let’s just hang out in Montreal and do the kizomba thing my people.

Personal situation. It’s been exactly one year since my #stuckinlisbon situation. I’m having a lot of flashbacks of the whole Lisbon situation and not complaining about it. I started an amazing year, still trying to adjust back to the trip life, from airport to airport and getting to know people and really trust people. I know people, but to really trust people, eh its hard. Because I am now censoring my brain my mouth, meaning not saying the things that I really think, this has been the struggle of my whole life, but at the age of 35, I got the IDAF button well pressed, and I only censor my mouth when they pay me.

Tomorrow we got the Dr. Kizomba show, the topic is gonna be a back survey, it’s gonna be the first time we gonna do it. What makes kizomberos popular with the ladies? So stay tuned, because every single thing that you gonna answer or comment we gonna take seriously and then we gonna do a back survey to help back that up and get gentlemen to understand what to do to be popular with the ladies. And of course we gonna reverse this topic and do it about the ladies next time, if we don’t have time tomorrow.

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