I really gotta clean my forehead! I don’t know what that shit is, but I really should clean it. Too much sweat and shit.

Aight mi Gente it’s your boy Dr Kizomba, don’t worry. I am in Vermont this weekend. I just taught 3 classes. Handing out with my Dsantos VT franchise, a lot of teriyaki, beef jerky, moonshine and Canadian Dry. Yahooooo! Crossing the border with the bus is a helluva pain.

Right now we watching the Moonshiners with Bill and Josh. Getting high on their supply on Discovery Channel. Me and Bacon are chilling.

Life is good.

I’ll keep you posted every few hours because the party is gonna be tonight. But remember I have a lot to tell you, still from my last trip. Let’s start having conversations because on Tuesday we gotta get you the new topic for the Dr Kizomba show.


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