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Dear readers, how you doing !?!
Yes, your Dr. Kizomba is recovering from the surreal ADC. Actually, am currently on my way to Boston with Mango Flavie for Boston Brazilian Festival with my aka girl Inna.

I know, I know. You wanna know the hot stuff, right? … Well Well Well. This past weekend was lit, so lit, that am still lit. But of course there are some people that always will try your Dr. and get burned.

First the (past weekend) I was not even where the drama was. I was on my Cuban link vibes, reconnecting with my old friends, making some new friends, even getting to know old friends little better, ya dig. No I wasn’t around hate, only my crazy folks and genuine soulful awesome gang gang talented people, some on their own talent. Nice convo and amazing vibes from the hotel to the boat lit, lit…

(BBQ Time)
Hear me now. I was laughing at the bar with my friends. Here come this all to the left to the left looking little girl looking for attention, you know the type. #jump She was like, “I know you from last year!” Me : “Last year I wasn’t here margarita!” She : “Probably 2 years ago but you where probably too drunk  to remember me!”
Dr. Kizomba: “Actually not. You were just probably too ugly to be remembered. Booboo, as a matter fact I don’t get drunk, I just get awesome” #bitch … Then I continued my conversation and my friends where on the floor dying. Me in my voice ‘You Got Me Fuck Up’.

Don’t worry that was just the first story… There is more to come I’ll make sure I’ll finish before Boston…

#ADCwaslit | #catchuptime | #BostonhereIcome

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