LA Bachata Festival | Dr. Kizomba | Family

LA Bachata Festival is just unreal how y’all put this event together. We’ve been coming since 2014,now we are in 2019 and the partying is just getting better and better. Omg the pool parties ,the bikini contest and Jack & Jill. The new friends, the old friendships, never lost the bands… Jorge & Leslie, the staff my securities , definitely the dancers and professional colleagues that I know since I was a kid. Thank you for allowing me to be myself and party with y’all like we gonna die tomorrow literally. OMG my girls my girls my boys got cray cray when they saw Joanna Jo Jo Joannadoing that pool Tarraxinha with your Dr. so on point that made people uncomfortable and we love it what more can I say. Just join me on the next trip and you’ll see for yourself. No limits of fun and party…

To my Hip Hop Artist from Digital Underground aka Shock G aka the nigga that gave 2Pac an opportunity to be who he became, brother I learned so much just hanging out with you this weekend. My brother introduced me to your music at an early age and listening to the stories of you guys and Mike Tyson and PAC and sharing drinks and smokes with you and you thinking I am cool too… Brother, you’re the realest and your kind heart has no limitations. MONTRÉAL here I come for the Burna Boy Show


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