Day 24 | Business As Usual

Wassup Mi Gente! Yesterday’s parties were off the chain! Yoooo. The River Bank Black&White party. Incredible. 🔥

Current situation: relaxing at the crib, watching Toca hit 30 on the channel Trace. King Ckwa is at #2 with Spetxa One. #1 is Neyma. She’s good, but my boy C4 Pedro won’t be #2 for long, mi gente! The King! 👑

Today: dinner at Maestre Petchu. Pai Petchu is in the house too. #kizombafamily. Tonight: party @ B.Leza. The place to be, when you’re stuck in Lisbon.

That’s all for today Mi Gente! Be sure to check out the new promotional video on! Just because I’m in Lisbon don’t mean I ain’t working! Peace!✌️

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