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Good morning Mi Gente! Good afternoon. It is noon time in the 4 hearts of Montreal.

Usually we say to anyone in North America, don’t go to Europe, just come to Montreal: an amazing beautiful city with a different architecture than most cities in North America. French speaking city, beautiful cultures from Africa to Europe to Asia. I mean many different cultures from Africa. I mean many different countries from Europe. I mean all of Asia. All these people from every part of the world, one big melting pot, representing the Québecois culture.

You already know that Montreal is booming in Kizomba. Let’s use today as an example.

Tonight, 8:30pm EST (UTC – 5:00) = Kitaba social. Free complimentary class with Dr. Kizomba aka Manuel Dos Santos. Can’t make it? No worries. Click on this link ( to register for our FREE live streaming of the kizomba class, so you can follow and learn from any part of the planet.

My people, you really should check out the website. It’s fresh, lots of content. The home page gives you a little bit of info about your boy’s whereabouts and upcoming events and future promotion. Hooked and want more info?

  • You want to get to Manuel Dos Santos, without actually knowing me? Check out this link: my history, all the different kinds of dances I’ve done in the past, my contribution to this artform? Read on.
  • You want to learn kizomba online, from anywhere in the world? Curious to find out how that might work? Easy:
  • New new new new! Click this link to read Dr. Kizomba’s Travel Blog. Yes baby! #stuckinlisbon changed my life. For real. You guys are gonna understand that when you start reading the blog and go back in time to the start of that Portuguese situation and read everything that happened, all those photographs and parties and stories. Please support us. Like. Read. Share. Support us in the best way possible so that that way so we can get the funds to make the first kizomba travel blog/book to come out in 2018 in stores.


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First published on Facebook on December 20th, 2017.

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