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Good evening. Mi Gente. Your boy usually don’t post this late but the snow has been a killer. Netflix a lot of movies, tissues and tequila.

Saturday night, I went to support my brother Nico at his Christmas event. Hey bro thank you for letting me come in for free, shiiieeet 😉. Kudos to my brother’s party. Sunday night was very good: me and the team had a good practice. After that, you already know. The usual: talking shit, drinks and brainstorming all our promotion and how to make the Kitaba socials better. Of course, like every time, people started popping by, even Baby crashed our team meeting, bringing extra goodies for the party. Yes, my neighbors hated me but all we did was watch a movie and event-planning. 😇

As you know your boy is now a free man; and I already started working on my calendar: for all my people around the globe, your boy will giving you some facts with some dates.

  • I dunno what I’m gonna be doing from the 1st-8th but I’m sure im gonna be getting out of this country
  • Confirmed already, Manuel & Flavie will be performing & teaching in Houston, Texas, from Jan 11-15.
  • Already talking to my brother Raphael, we talking San Paolo for the first weekend of February, Feb 1-5. That’s Brazil, baby. Let’s do this.
  • During the same month of Feb, I’ll have to split myself in 2. I have LA and Atlanta! 🔹Just received a phone call from my bro Taiti. After Gindungo, he’s invited me to Curaçao around May 24-28. I’ve been talking to my girl Rubia Garcia, I have to make this trip to my favorite city ever (after Lisbon, of course). New Orleans. Aug 2-6. Finally! Can’t wait to see my city.

Over the next few #dailyposts, I will update you with more confirmed contracts, this is only what I have in stock right now, after 7 days of freedom.

My friends around the world 🌎 stay tuned with my posting bc I might be in your city any time soon. You already know, we gonna party like we never did before.

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First published on Facebook on December 19th, 2017.

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