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Good morning good day good cold,

Raining and cold as fuck. This morning I woke up with a purpose of working on my social Kitaba and as well working on my 8 year anniversary celebration. Kitaba already have a 1 year anniversary and Kizomba Canada is on its 8 year anniversary. Woah, that is something else. That is a lot of work. And you know what the fucked up shit is? Throughout all these years, I never felt like I was working! That’s the adrenaline passion thing pumping in your veins that you don’t even differentiate work with job. Stay tuned for the new events, the new flyers and a lot of new stuff for Kizomba Canada as well stay tuned for Kitaba on the Instagram page where there you guys can go and get your pictures on Instagram as well your pics will redirect straight to Facebook. As I personally am going to post every single picture Davido took in order to make your experience much more livable. As well, we going to have a friendly family Kitaba day so y’all can get your pictures as well at Kitaba.

Guys the picture that I have on my profile was me dancing salsa in San Francisco. That was one of the times that I really enjoyed and missed salsa in a long time. I am just gonna leave it like that, not gonna promise anything but I am just leave it like that

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