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Good cold day. All my posts are gonna be directed directly to the cold.

Another cold day in Montreal. Going to the convenience store right now, inside of an Uber. I’m a little zoom zoom, don’t really know what’s going on. Oh yeah, I might have a party tonight, its Giliane’s birthday. Giliane is my sister but I don’t like her friends. So that means really? I am gonna have to be sitting down and looking at people that I don’t see. Really Giliane, you putting me in that situation? Well, I really wanna stay home and smoke week and not do any fucking shit, how about that? Because socializing is a pain in the ass. Kids don’t believe in this getting old bullshit. It’s a trap. Still like highschool. I just want to walk to people that I don’t like and tell them I don’t like you, and not even give them any reason. Just tell them that I don’t like them. That would be something fantastic to do. But today I need to eat properly first, so I guess I might just go to the party because of the food and the kids, because I love Giliane’s kids. Her daughters are my cutest little babies.

For the people that tried to contact me for Amsterdam, I really want to be there and party with you guys and turn up. As you see, I’m not really responding on the messages because it is always the same drama. I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves with out me, tears in my eyes type of bullshit, but it is what it is and you gonna see me real soon. The year is not done yet, I still gotta finish it with a kaboom the way Dr. Kizomba like to do, but I might go check out my nephew Junior in Toronto because I didn’t have the opportunity really last time because I was with my gang gan. And give 2 kisses to my sister and tell her that I like her.

Kudos! I’ll post some shit later. But first check out this video of your boy Dr. Kizomba social dancing with Albena at the Kiz’n the Six event. Pretty cool.

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