Day 45 | C4 Pedro Agrees

Mi Gente, did you see the video? For the first time Flavie did a kuduro performance by herself at the Columbus Salsa Convention. That girl. Taking on all the responsibility for Manuel & Flavie on her shoulders. She killed it! πŸ‘Š

No big deal, but yesterday the King πŸ‘‘C4Pedro shared our Top 10 #kizomba songs ( ) on his Instagram page. #pride #legitimizeourwork

Meanwhile, your boy is moving from one Airbnb to another. The nomad lifestyle continues πŸ˜‚. Lisbon has been treating Dr Kizomba very well. One festival a week! Amazing. Still eating shrimp 🍀 and mayonnaise, drinking drambuie and sangria🍹. Your boy is feeling good. We are getting close to the finish line, Mi Gente!

#stuckinlisbon | #day45 | #15daystogo

First published on Facebook on July 16th, 2017.

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