Day 46 | AirBnB Surprise

Mi Gente, today is Monday, but it feels like a Saturday. Another amazing party at Mwangole tonight, and your boy’s gonna stop dancing after most people are waking up to get ready for work. #dancerlife #theonlylife

At the airBnB, your doctor was surprised by a gift from the hosts – a bottle of red wine 🍷 Adela de PegΓ΅es, 2016. Mi Gente, all this time your doctor has been drinking nasty commercial wine in Canada… This simple bottle was so delicious, you could still taste the freshness of the grapes πŸ‡ Now you know. Portugal. Amazing wine producer. πŸ‘Œ

Mi Gente, 14 days to go, getting closer to the finish line. Your boy is feeling a little awkward about coming back to Canada. Lisbon is a nice life… beaches 🌊 sun β˜€οΈ sangria 🍹are very easy to get used to. But #backtoreality is good. Your doctor learned so much in Lisbon; am still learning. I’ll share all this knowledge with my people once I’m back. Your boy is gonna promote Mtl the same way I promoted Lisbon 😎 #turnup! There is so much to enjoy in Montreal, so many amazing places even your doctor hasn’t been to yet. While I figure out the rest of my paperwork issues in Canada, you already know imma start my spin-off series #stuckinMontreal. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Your doctor is off to enjoy some Portuguese cuisine… that bottle of wine opened my appetite. πŸ˜›

#stuckinlisbon | #day46 | #14daystogo

First published on Facebook on July 17th, 2017.

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