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I dunno how to start but I believe that my body is on 35%. I have a nice song that I picked up a line:

I drink till I drank
I smoke till I’m high
A castle on the hill
Wake up in the sky
You can’t tell me I ain’t fly
You can’t tell me I ain’t fly
I know I am super fly
The ladies love the luxury
That’s why they fuck with me
Out here with the moves
Like I invented my smooth
You can’t tell I ain’t fly
You can’t tell I ain’t fly

While I’m in the sky currently listening to this song on repeat. Gucci mane, Bruno Mars and Kodak black. That’s a triple threat. They all amazing, I listen to all their shit and this one is definitely a hit, after “I’m living my best life, ain’t go back and forth with your niggas…” lil Duval and Snoop Dog.

Ok guys. I know I have been away from writing I am so sorry readers. My sincere apology to my dr Kizomba gang gang. I was simply adjusting to… well, I dunno why.

Now lemme tell you. You know imma be in Detroit. You know imma be in Detroit. That’s gonna be another party and before I get to the plane, imma start writing about the Detroit trip.

Now I’ve been to the ADC dance cruise. Omg, I acted the fool. You don’t have any idea how much ridiculous stupid shit… at the pool party I think I remember the inflatable toys, they had whales and of course my favorite flamingos, I just remember have turning up the pool party so much that everybody started to play fight like a pillow fight with those inflatable toys. That was crazy. And then the people on the sides were dying. But dying. On the floor. Dyyyyyyy-ing. But dying.  My friend Kurt. My friend David. All my girls, from Chicago. I met so many people. But so many people. Me and my new favorite salseras/ bachateros and future Kizombeiras, identical twins, just shots of tequila, omg…. Manuel you gonna be 36 you need to learn to behave around people. It was just a surreal moment. I needed that in my life. And there’s more! And there is a lot more that I cannot document because the chaotic level of the situation. Like Jersey Shore situation. Remember my Tyler boy from Jersey Shore, the Situation? My boy. I love that guy. Yes, it’s true. It was a Jersey Shore, without the hookups tho. Gotta keep it professional.

Then Dave already hook us up with the Airbnb. As soon as we sailed to LA, the party just continued. we made a Fbk group, where all the things we brought from the boat, I’m not going to mention the liquids bc that would be smuggling and we don’t do that incriminating thing. But let me tell you, then my body fully was functioning fuelled by alcohol and we went to the Steven’s steakhouse in LA and then more salsa. My boy, my jujitsu champion, my bodyguard, but nobody know he is my bodyguard but he trained and instructed for Gracie Royce for more than 20 years… you know that nigga will wrap you up, he will Khabib your ass easy… but that’s not the point. The point is as soon as he saw me he could now let me go. It was tequila here and tequila there and tequila everywhere, I don’t know what happened to my life because now my favorite food is tacos. Any type of tacos. Fish tacos and beef tacos and burrito tacos mixed with tequila = T&T! Bite on the lime, go straight for the tacks. you in business. If you can just put everything in your mouth. Bc you know that Dr Kizomba have a big mouth, figuratively and literally speaking. Now T&T all day, every day. Well maybe not every day, because I gotta teach.

Some of you guys might have seen my lives so some of you know that my classes were at 9oclock in the morning. Well… I didn’t quite sleep. I stayed in the jacuzzi before my two classes, and surprisingly the whole boat was rocking with Dr Kizomba because these motherfuckers came to my class. They went in deep! Deep in your balls type of shit! I met some pretty incredible ppl and two potential franchises! Maybe we gonna have Dsantos Qc franchise. Québec city, I’m coming for you. #shade  listen I’m still tired. Imma stop typing right now, and like in the movies… to be continued. I have a lot to tell you, to be continued.

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