Good 3pm. That’s the time I woke up 😴. (I lied. I woke up a little earlier, yet 3pm is the time I decided to write.) My city Montreal is frozen . I dunno how many degrees are actually outside, but currently I’m with my finger on my cell phone… I’m old school. I gotta go to “temperature”. I gotta click “Montreal” when I want to click “Lisbon”. Holy shit. I just finished clicking and it tells me that Mtl is sunny and -18C. Luckily, we have something called Kitaba that is gonna bring up the city temperature to 18+. 🔥

Today we going to celebrate our last Kitaba of 2017. We welcome you to come before Eliza gets here by the sound of DJ Do Marçal. You know that #semba. You know that #kizomba. You know that Angolan #kuduro. All that 🎶 is gonna be on deck, and tonight will be off the chains. See you soon my people for the free class at 8:30pm EST (UTC – 5:00) with Dr. Kizomba, the one and unapologetic mofo. Let’s have some fun. Don’t forget to subscribe for your live streaming class at so you can learn wherever you are. If you are in town, no excuses: get your Eskimo suit on and come find out what Kitaba is all about.

Happy belated kwanza to all my people that I didn’t have time to text or reply. When I was in Angola I always used to watch those Christmas snow. And there always was a lot of snow. You know there was that famous movie Home Alone; that little white kid that got rich early and then couldn’t control his money, or his parents couldn’t control his money, somebody spent a lot of money. Home Alone 1, 2, 3 and the last one was another kid. Going back to my story: there was always a lot of snow. Christmas in Angola = a lot of dirt. Christmas in the movies = a lot of snow. I never realized on top of the snow, winter would be so cold. Freezing! Freezing till your face hurt: I don’t understand this motherfucker. Merry Christmas. 🎅

On a good note, my people we are a few days away from 2018. Remember that bag full of bullshit? Get ready to leave it in 2017 and let’s party!!!

#freedom 🎅 #happyholidays 🎅#coldAF

First published on Facebook on December 27th, 2017.

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