Kitaba Saturday

Good Sunday Mi Gente! I know a lot people is already thinking about what they gonna do on Monday but stay calm you still have a few hours. ⏰

Let’s talk about sex, baby
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about sex ( 🎶 by Salt’n’Pepper)
Dope track! I was just thinking about how hot these girls are. Check it out for a good Sunday and maybe you can remember and have some good times when we just met, girl.

About to regroup with my team. We going to Karlito’s house to have a good Sunday time drinking, and talking, and laughing and plotting.

Give it up for my boy Bahram. Bachata Invasion off the chain. I can’t believe this nigga made us dance until 3 in the morning. Now you can understand when ladies complain that their feet is hurting. Ouch! That shit hurts!

Houston Salsa Congress run by Mama Flavie. Had a beautiful conversation with another Queen on the other side of the ocean where the grass don’t look so green anymore 🌾. Yes I am taking about Miss Eliza Sala. She’s so excited to be in Montreal this week. You guys are gonna be able to meet her, greet her, learn from her, and party with her. Kitaba Wednesdays on deck like church. Kitaba Saturday January 20…. preprepreprepremier with Eliza Sala and DJ the best, DJ Do Marçal, DJ Fofo Jah, and we have another DJ in mind but he come from the beautiful country of Haiti. Still need to talk to him, but soon we gonna have another Kitaba Saturday with 2&2: 2 Haitians and 2 Angolan. And as well, we love our Airbnb parties on Sundays. You guys are gonna party with the Kizomba Canada crew and Eliza will be there too. 🎊

That’s right, mi Gente. Have a beautiful Sunday, kiss the ones you love 💋, and tomorrow go back to work.

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