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Well well well.

Let’s continue spilling the tea, I hope you get your popcorn ready… Yeah the pre – party was off the chains ⛓ saw a lot of old friends that jump as soon as they saw me -remember I had that situation (#stuckinlisbon ) indeed that’s why I skip a year at ADC – then was like yassssssssss, people grabbing me, lifting me, aww lord was fun. The fun part was the little so called people, the ones that are important to me, not so much the artistic so called people because they on some egoistic clan that they think their shit don’t stink. HOWEVER yeah the pre party was already lit because we make the pool party be just awesome…

(BBQ Time 2)
At the Ship I have 3 workshops. When I got to the room, one instructor was finishing theirs. You know me very respectful nigga, didn’t say shit and made sure calculate my full hour so the other instructor get it cool… my class was the bomb you guys saw the video with Snowy already aka Fire. I’ll make sure to post the video as well on IG. Before we played the last song two girls, I don’t know if they were sent by the Flamingo Association, yelled something like the Class was taking too long. The Black one is the one I saw with the bigger. I was like STFU it’s my class is my time, the other instructor took more time, I’ll make sure I’ll complete my time. Who are you to tell me what to do? Booboo know your fucking please I repeat STFU… Then the students start clapping then the girls knew that they mess with the wrong one…. Wait is not over yet awwww Lawd Have Mercy on My Soul Lawd. The black one came and apologize. I was like okay but I was still salty as Fuck but I recognize yeah mistakes happen as well… Then the next day here I am partying with my boys, this unknown face walks up to me crying told me that she is the other girl that was next to the black girl and that she get that was disrespectful and the way I make her feel wasn’t cool at all and she wanna to apologize… Me : Listen all tears & drama that you tell me here is because you disrespected me in public. Well I corrected your ass in public wanna apologize DO IT IN PUBLIC.

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