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Hooy Se Bebeeeeee …
Hooy Se Saleeeee
Siga tu Camino
Bad Bunny…

Now this was the best part of the cruise meeting 100 niggas and niggarettes just like me on some real shit… When we got to Bahamas 🇧🇸 Ufff the locals love this turn up group. We partied like Zion City in Matrix, yeah the part when Morphious came Back and Screamed “YOU MUST BELIEVE”. At one point, I just looked around and everyone was possessed yeah the spirits joined the party on some surreal shittttt…

(BBQ Time 3)
Yeah there was some local country folks that I once knew, that don’t know how to simply be and look sideways #salty here is the deal. If we not cool in the country, trust me, we surely will not be when we outside the country… Ahora Soy Peor Ahora Soy Peor Por Ti … I almost forgot people were asking me, I didn’t saw u at the KIZOMBA Room … My Answer: that room had everything but KIZOMBA and I don’t feel like always starting the dance, specially when the DJ does not know the deference between the music  Nah Nah Nah… I Rather be sharpening my Cuban Connection and be with people that are real… Trap-ton / Salsa / Bachata / Afro – Cuban / Kuduro / Semba / KIZOMBA we did at all just not with u … Even killed it in a Hip Hop Room.


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