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Mi Gente! Thank you so much for the Welcome Back special edition of Kizomba Nights on Saturday. Was off the chain. Seeing new faces, students, colleagues, friends and people I’ve known for many years was doubly satisfying: I know that they are ok and they know I am ok. DJ Fofo Ja and DJ The Best always can be counted on to keep people dancing on the dancefloor. Ja Nunez passed by and hung out with us. He was one of the very first guys who gave me a permanent gig as a promoter in Mtl. We organized the successful old school salsa zouk nights – those are still successful nights today! It was amazing to see a lot of Mtl ppl and also my team from Vermont that showed a lot of love and spent the weekend in Montreal.

Sunday we started to work on a new retro choreography. The sneak peek video is coming real soon. 😉Then, we did the new concept that your boy Dr Kizomba and team came up with: Afro Fitness. You already know, it was very sweaty and very fun. We still have 2 more audition days until we fill up all the spaces: Sunday Aug 27 and Monday Aug 28. Its going to be a lot of fun Mi Gente, 2 brutal workouts sweating to the sweet sounds of Afro music.

Your boy started today by giving my skateboard a test drive through the corners of Hochelaga, aka Mtl. Kicking and pushing and coasting, mixed with sliding and gliding. Your doctor still got it. Thirty motherfucking four, on a skateboard, like never before. #rhyming My back was hurting. My thighs were hurting. My neck was hurting. Break is over, it’s back to work and the side effects of the first week of teaching every single day is my body is sore all over. But after a good morning of skating, I feel good and recharged, ready to take on the kuduro for kids class at 7pm followed by kuduro for adults at 8pm. See you there. And if I don’t see you there, I see you next week. And if I don’t see you next week I will see you another day, we are gonna keep partying non-stop.

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First published on Facebook on August 21st, 2017.

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