Day 41 | Teaching in Lisbon

#AlwaysStartFromTheBottom ⬆️ Yesterday was Class #2 of your doctor’s 4 week kizomba session at the View Rooftop. Mi gente, class was… a #revelation. The students learned there is a count in kizomba! Yes! They didn’t know. 😳They understood that to dance kizomba for real, they must LISTEN for the count in the music, and respect each song’s rhythm. Progress! I told you, my people. Dr Kizomba is gonna change Lisbon. These people are gonna LEARN.😎

Mi gente, your doctor is hosting another event on Friday. 1hr workshop and then a paaaaaaaarty – you already know it’s gonna be good (check it out: 👉 *insert fbk link here*). #shoutout to the event organizers. Thank you for making me the face of this event – your boy doesn’t take that responsibility lightly. #stuckinlisbon but this Angolan here is already being trusted with the success of local events. That’s recognition 👊
#thankyou #drkizombadoesntdisappoint

That’s it for today, Mi Gente! Your boy is off to the embassy to deal with his papers. #problemsolver

#stuckinlisbon | #day41 | #19daystogo

First published on Facebook on July 12th, 2017.

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