Day 4 | Jet Lagged

Damn. The jet lag is killing me. Waking up in a new apartment as well, I’m out of the comfort zone. Feeling like a total stranger in my city. Your boy wanted to go out to Baila con Gusto last night but by the time I had my clothes on I was too tired. I guess I am still struggling with the European time Vs Western time.

Woke up at 7am.⏰ That’s not normal for your doctor. Craving good food. It’s strange how the food here is getting to my stomach. Maybe the food in Montreal is extra greasy so it takes an extra-long time to digest? Another process that I have to understand #stilladoctortho 👨Woke up thinking about my Summer Set program, starting on August 14th and as well my welcome back party Kizomba nights on the 19th.🎉 I haven’t see all my friends yet so Aug 19 is gonna be a big friend reunion. Mark it on your calendar, Mi Gente. You missed me, and I missed you.

Montreal, the weather is fantastic, the language is still… the same 🙉. I feel like skate-boarding today.

Check in a few days Mi Gente. The jet-lag will be less bad, and I will have stories to share, instead of naps.😴

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First published on Facebook on August 4th, 2017.

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