Day 1 | New Home, New Routine

Mi Gente! #stuckinlisbon, one of the biggest experiences of my life, ended with the scariest flight ever. Yesterday, your boy was supposed to land in Mtl at 3pm. But the plane was late. So then we were supposed to land at 4pm. But there was a crazy thunderstorm happening in Mtl at 4pm. The plane circled and tried to land. But just before landing, maybe 100m from the ground, the pilot changed his mind and took off, because the winds were too dangerous for landing. Mi Gente, it was bouncy. Instead we went to Plattsburgh, to refuel, and to hang out. Inside the plane. For 2 hours. Mi Gente, that part was not bouncy, that was boring. When we finally landed in Montreal, we had to wait another hour inside the because all planes had landed at the same time at 8pm. Plane traffic. Your doctor went through immigration with no problems, they already knew about the situation, the officer was friendly. But then your boy had to wait another hour for my bags, because all the bags from all the planes is a lot of bags to go through. I left the airport at 11pm.

Flavie played a prank on me, saying she was at home but really she was at the airport waiting for me with balloons and a Canadian flag.

Got the keys of my new apartment. It’s close to Baby, my girl who does my hair, so as soon as I walked inside of the house, I called Baby and went to visit her. Nobody touches your doctor’s hair except Baby. #standards

Jet lag hit me around 1am, was knocked out till about 9am. I’m still on Portugal time. Woke up looking like a fisherman, so I went to Bigs my barber to fix my face. I missed the sound of Bigs’ machine on my ears. It sounds like home, makes me feel safe. I rode the metro for the first time in two months, was weird to see all Québecois in the metro instead of Portuguese. Glad Montreal weather is so amazing. It’s not as burning as in Lisbon but still hot enough. #comfy

Back to my routine. Today is Labor day, fixing everything in my place, with a bottle of Hennessy to give me energy. Tastes nice after 60 days of sangria. Can’t wait to see my team. #gonnawhiptheminshape

That’s all Mi Gente. Let’s start this new journey.

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First published on Facebook on August 1st, 2017.

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